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Animal management & environmental impact

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Study of the nutritional impact, animal management, or production conditions on the sustainability of production in terms of reducing environmental impact.
New approaches and technologies to tackle the global and local environmental impact of the pig production while preserving its economic competitiveness (formulation, manufacturing, and production efficiency). (REDUCE_PORK impact). David Solà-Oriol , Jose Francisco Pérez and Josep Gasa.


Implementation of an agricultural and livestock (pig) production system linked to nutritional strategies with sorghum and rye varieties adapted to climate change (AGRONUTRICC) David Solà-Oriol. Consortium with companies Granges Terragrisa SL, Esporc SA, and Agrocaude SLU.


– Design and valorization of compost and organic soils from livestock manure (COWCOMPOST). Lorena Castillejos, Xavier Manteca, Sergio Calsamiglia, Eva Mainau and María Rodríguez.


– Methanless: Development and optimization of Asparagopsis armata cultivation to reduce methane emissions from ruminants. Lorena Castillejos (2024-2026)


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