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Livestock precision farming

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Precision livestock farming or smart farming. We apply new technologies (TFT’s) to animal production with the aim of increasing the economic, social and environmental sustainability of livestock, optimizing a more efficient, responsible and precise use of resources.
– Precision livestock farming to improve the sustainability and welfare of beef cattle farms. (SMARTBEEF; 2021-2024). Lorena Castillejos


dAIry 4.0 project – Advanced, trustworthy AI and data solutions for individualised automated milking & feeding of dairy cows. Lorena Castillejos


– Intelligent and profitable management of Catalan farms to enhance efficiency and welfare of animals and farmers (SMARTFARM). Lorena Castillejos, Eva Mainau, Sergio Calsamiglia, Xavier Manteca and Josep Gasa.


– Competitiveness of dairy farms: From data to decisions. Sergio Calsamiglia, Lorena Castillejos and María Rodríguez-Prado.


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dAIry 4.0