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Animal welfare and productive efficiency

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We carry out studies on management factors and production conditions that influence animal welfare, productive response, and efficiency under relevant production conditions.
– Management of feeding during gestation and lactation of highly prolific sows as a tool to optimize their welfare conditions, longevity, and production cost. Josep Gasa and David Solà-Oriol


Behavioural changes in weaned piglets orally challenged with Escherichia coli F4 and supplemented with in-feed protected acid salts.


– Early determinism in piglets: An opportunity to condition their productive response after weaning. Study of the mechanisms of action. José Francisco Pérez and Susana Martín Orúe.


– Evaluation of the limiting factors for the growth and fattening of pigs under commercial conditions. Josep Gasa and David Solà-Oriol. 


– Precision livestock farming to improve the sustainability and welfare of beef cattle farms. (SMARTBEEF; 2021-2024). L. Castillejos


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