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Additives: Efficacy and functionality

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We carry out efficacy studies of new additives by designing and conducting studies in different livestock species, with particular attention to identifying their mechanisms of action and optimal conditions for their use.
– Methanless: Development and optimization of Asparagopsis armata cultivation to reduce methane emissions from ruminants. L. Castillejos (2024-2026)


– Potential benefits of Saccharomyces yeast and its derivatives in dogs and cats. Susana Martín-Orúe y Lorena Castillejos.


– Enzymatic supplementation in piglets and broiler chickens. David Solà-Oriol, José Francisco Pérez, Susana Martin   Ana Cristina Barroeta. 


– Evaluation of different ingredients and/or additives in pig feed (digestibility, intestinal health, and productive performance). David Solà-Oriol , Susana Martín-Orúe y José Francisco Pérez.


– Efficiency of using essential oils and plant extracts in modifying ruminal fermentation in dairy cattle and beef calves. Calsamiglia, S., M. Rodríguez y L. Castillejos


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