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Feed evaluation and the quality of animal products

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We conduct nutritional evaluation of new ingredients intended for animal feed by studying their digestion and/or fermentation in the digestive tract and the productive response of the animals. We also analyze their potential impact on the quality of animal-derived products.
– Predictive calculation of energy in ingredients for pig feed (INGRENERGI I-II). Josep Gasa  and David Solà-Oriol.


– Research and valorisation of sub-fatty and antioxidant products for the improvement of the nutritional value, quality and useful life of feed and animal foods  (LIPOXIFEED).  Ana Cristina BarroetaLorena Castillejos and Roser Sala.


– Byproducts rich in medium-chain fatty acids in the feeding of monogastrics. Comparative nutrition, gut health and food quality. Ana Cristina Barroeta Roser Sala.


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