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Gut health & in vitro models

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We conduct studies to identify dietary and management factors that contribute to the preservation of the digestive health and animal welfare. To do this, we use different models, both in vivo and in vitro, that allow us to model the response with particular attention to the microbiota, fermentation processes and digestive functionality.  We also have experience in the transactional use of such models in the evaluation of ingredients or additives intended for human consumption.
– The Impact of Fiber Source on Digestive Function, Fecal Microbiota, and Immune Response in Adult Dogs


– Study of the effectiveness of food ingredients in preventing bacterial infections in a weaned pig infection model. Susana Martín-Orúe and Lorena Castillejos.


– Carbohydrate (CHO) profile in symphony (harmonious digestion and fermentation) for a more sustainable pig production. (CHOPIN):CPP2022-009856. David Solà-Oriol, Maria Rodríguez and José Francisco Pérez,


– Novel non-invasive faecal bio-markers of gut inflammation in weaned piglets (bi-noin).  David Solà-Oriol and Anna Bassols.


– Early determinism in piglets: An opportunity to condition their productive response after weaning (Dir_Pigs). Study of the mechanisms of action. José Francisco Pérez y Susana Martín Orue.


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