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Predictive Calculation of Energy in Ingredients for Swine Feed – INGRENERGI-

Project approved under the AEI 2022 NG grants line.


The project is about creating a tool to use in swine nutrition (Phase 1 of the project). Its purpose is to provide a predictive calculation of metabolizable energy (ME) and net energy (NE) for different ingredients used in feed for both breeding sows and growing pigs (piglets and fattening pigs). The aim is to provide an energy evaluation for the different raw materials used as ingredients in animal feed formulation, in order to compare and improve the efficiency, accuracy, and sustainability.

In a second phase, the tool is expected to be validated by applying it to update feed formulation matrices for growing and fattening pigs.

The formula results (composition and cost), quality of manufactured feeds and productive performances of pigs receiving isoenergetic feeds formulated with raw materials, whose energy content is obtained either through the methodology used by the collaborating company or with the new tool will be compared.


The main objective of the project is to create a tool that allows the optimization of raw materials used as ingredients in swine feed production.

Indirectly, the following goals are expected to be achieved:

  • Analyze, through surveys, the variability of energy flow caused in the Spanish swine sector as a result of feeding (feed) and how technicians evaluate such variability.
  • Test predictive models of energy content for groups of raw materials and individual ingredients, considering the quantification and efficiency of nutrient utilization in each ingredient.
  • Incorporate the predictions into the feed formulation process and analyze possible deviations from the expected response of the animals.
  • Provide feedback to the system with new information provided by users and continuously adjust prediction algorithms.

Through the validation process in the second phase, the tool will demonstrate its practical and applied potential.



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