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Josep Gasa Gasó

Phone: (34) 93 581 1556

  • Ph.D., Veterinary Faculty, Universidad de Zaragoza, 1984.
  • B.S., Veterinary Faculty, Universidad de Zaragoza, 1980.
Research Focus

In the past I have been involved in ruminant production, rumen function and metabolism (1980-1998) and piglets and poultry nutrition (1995-2005). Nowadays my main research topics relates to pig production, nutrition and welfare. I’m specifically interested in nutrition and management of gestating and lactating sows, growing finishing pigs and replacement gilts. Special issues are sow’s productivity and tissue mobilization, the use of farm data to help decisions making, to reduce the pig’s live weight variability at the slaughterhouse and the use of non-conventional by products in diets for growing-finishing pigs.